How Hotels Attract Clients And Get Bookings

Advances in technology have made it easier for hotels to get and increase bookings from clients. There are Meta search engines like Google Hotel Finder where hotels can advertise their hotel booking services and rates. Online Travel Agencies (OTA) like Priceline have also been used in the hotel industry for advertising to clients. However, OTAs have what is known as a rate parity agreement clause. This clause prevents hotels from advertising to their potential clients any hotel booking rates lower than what is on their official websites. OTAs also charge expensive commissions for their services.

There are a number of ways that hotels can increase the client hotel booking levels. In order to get clients attracted to the facility, hotels make use of the internet and advertising strategies, with such things as Enterprise Resource Planning helping in a big way, along with these other top strategies and ideas.

Money Saving Packages

Hotels usually offer cost effective packages and other perks in order to get clients to book. These discounts and other extras like breakfast, free wireless internet access, and parking are great incentives for clients.

Web Design Strategies

When a client visits your hotel’s website, they usually want to get the rates and see the accommodation you have to offer. Hotels make use of smart web design. This enables them to capture these visitors. The design can get the visitor to make a hotel booking directly.

Blogging and Reviews

Hotels use blogs to pitch great deals and offers. They make use of Search Engine Optimization tools to increase their visibility on search engines. When clients go through the OTA, they usually compare hotels within a certain price range. When clients post reviews about a certain hotel, it is important for the hotel to answer the review Hotels make use of platforms such as Revinate to analyze the reviews and improve their service delivery. This serves to increase the hotel bookings made by previously satisfied clients.

These are some of the methods that are used by hotels to attract clients to make bookings at their facility.

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